How to Choose and Install New Cabinet Knobs or Pulls

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How to Choose and Install New Cabinet Knobs or Pulls

Changing the hardware on your cabinets and furniture is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update a room. Knobs are available in every price range – you can even paint them yourself.

1. Count exactly how many knobs you’ll need. Remember to count every cabinet, closet, drawer and door. Then do it again. You’ll be really annoyed with yourself if you miscount and have to wait to get more knobs!

2. Measure the distance between the centers of the screw holes to determine the size of the pulls you’ll need (or read the notes below for suggestions on switching from 2 hole pulls to knobs).

3. Decide what size knobs you want. The trend right now is for large scale knobs, but you need to be careful. Huge knobs on small scale furniture can look a bit cartoonish, which may be just the look you’re after! If you have frame and panel doors and drawers, you’ll want to consider the width of the rails. As a general rule, knobs or pulls no wider than half the rail width look best.

4. Using your other hand and from the inside of the door/drawer, insert the tip of a new screw into the existing screw hole of the unit. (Just enough to get it started.)

5. Using the appropriate tool (flathead or Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench), turn the screw through the hole and into the hole of the new handle. Tighten the screws after all screws for that handle have been installed and you are satisfied with the fit, the look, and the alignment of the new handle.

6. Finished.

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