Renovate For Profit In 5 Easy Steps

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1. Refinish the floors

Ripping out carpet or old floor tiles is a large-scale improvement for maximum impact but not necessarily a cheap one.

‘Pull up the grungy carpet and put down a hard surface like laminate floorboards, or real timber if the budget allows, to radically change the property,’ says Cherie.

2. Spruce up with paint

‘It’s one of the most powerful ways to transform a property. Applying just one coat of fresh paint to ceilings brightens the space. For walls choose a modern, classic scheme.’

3. Update interior doors

When it comes to internal doors there’s no need to replace them.

Says Cherie, ‘There are lots of drab timber doors that simply need to be cosmetically refreshed with paint and a new handle. You don’t have to buy costly door handles as there are some really great fake clones.’

Cherie’s preferred door handle is a satin chrome finish in a straight, square design. ‘I don’t use polished chrome as it picks up fingerprints, a constant maintenance headache.

‘Don’t go for fancy handles because they date a property.

4. Turn up the lights

‘One of the first things I do is rip out the single pendant lights and install halogen or LED recessed downlighting. The objective is to lighten and brighten,’ says Cherie.

Find a compromise between halogens and the more expensive, dimmer yet eco-friendlier LED lights.

‘Use halogens in communal areas and LEDs for ambient lighting in quiet zones like bedrooms.’


5. Dress the windows

Installing window treatments is an essential home makeover job and important to get right.

‘They tend to detract from a light, bright and airy home. Blinds generally cost less and give a more modern look. The trend at the moment is for slimline venetians because they cost so little and you can simply buy them to install easily.

‘Match your fixtures and furnishings to your home, making them relative to the property’s worth.

‘If it’s a high-value home then choose white plantation shutters. If you have a low-value property then go for a slim venetian.

‘We wouldn’t put plantation shutters in a $200,000 property in the country but we would put them in a $2 million inner city home.’

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