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The recent trend of elegant and sleek minimalist furniture can leave cabinetry looking quite homogenous and, dare I say, a bit boring? Handles and knobs have been an integral feature of cabinetry and furniture as long as they’ve been in existence, but new styles have silenced them. The likes of touch-release catches have all but eliminated handles and knobs in rooms including the kitchen and bathroom. But whether the subtle punctuation in the sentence, or a grand statement, handles and knobs speak for themselves, and will definitely not become extinct. Let’s have a look at some of these stars and see if you can honestly live without them.

Matter of harmony
I love the semicircular handles in this elegantly designed bathroom. They harmonise with and continue the circular pattern and theme throughout the bathroom. Sourcing such unique handles shows absolute commitment to the overall theme and design. They complete the bathroom. Imagine the room without these classy handles – still sleek and classy, but way less original.

Keeping it quiet
Making a statement doesn’t have to be loud. In this striking kitchen by Scott Weston Architecture Design, the subtlety of the handles is beautifully balanced with the drama created by the contrasting colours and textures of the cabinetry. The handles serve as a functional element while also tying the foreground bench to the background cabinetry via continuity of line and finish.

Accentuating design
This contemporary cabinet by interior designer Greg Natale features geometric shapes, repeated in the mirror, chair and diamond drawer patterning. The circular handles complete the story set against the diamond pattern. Centred on the drawer face, the handles are a focal point. Additionally, the handles bring dimension to this lovely piece of furniture by projecting forward onto another plane. This projection and the repetition of the circular shape carries our eye from the round mirror in the background, across the top of the cabinet and down to complete the picture at the centre of the drawer face. Again, imagine the cabinet without the handles –nowhere near as much personality.

Time to function
The part of the cabinetry you will touch the most is the handle.
It is a really good idea to invest the time in testing your handle selections before purchasing. Make sure your handle projects far enough out from the cabinetry so that you can get a good grip on it, not just hold it in your fingertips. The more of your finger or hand you can get into or around the handle, the easier the door or drawer will be to open. Note that the heavier or larger the door or drawer, the more of a grip you will need.

BONUS TIP: People with limited mobility or dexterity generally find a well-constructed ‘D’ handle works best.


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