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High Quality Crystal Knobs For Doors, Drawers And More –  Shipped Australia Wide

Are you looking for ways to customise your new kitchen cabinets from IKEA? Have you inherited an old chest of drawers, and you’d like to freshen it up without changing it too much? Are you looking to glam up a room with some extra sparkle?

igrab is in the business of finding the most stunning crystal door knobs for doors, drawers and cabinets. We stock a wide range of high-quality crystal knobs across a range of designs and colours, shippable Australia wide. With our selection, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect fit for your style.

Don’t settle for good enough, buy your crystal knobs from the best!

Customise your drawers with our crystal knobs

There’s no denying that customised furniture can be expensive, which is why many of us resort to cheaper makes and models of the designs we like, to fit a refurbishment into our budget. However, customising your furniture yourself with gorgeous crystal door and drawer knobs is not only cheap, but it is also quick and easy, providing you with a stunning result that truly reflects who you are.

From drop handle knobs to simple fixed bulb crystal knobs, from emerald green to clear to blue glass, our wide range of knobs are made from high-quality glass, cut and polished to sparkle like real crystals.

We not only sell crystal pieces, but sell a wide range of handles and knobs for all your furniture and door makeover needs!

Buy from our crystal selection today

Whether you’ve got a glass cabinet in the living room you’d like to spruce up, or you’d like to infuse your child’s room with a little extra dazzle and wonderment with drop handle crystal knobs, our door knobs are perfect to make any furniture shine. Browse our wide selection, get in touch on (02) 9748 0702, or fill in our online enquiry form!