Brass colour variations guide

There are quite a few of brass colour variations available, if customer wish to mix and match the handles or knobs please see above photo that show all brass variations and their corresponding colour codes

  1. Dark brushed brass (DBB) make of anodised aluminium alloy
  2. Solid Brushed brass (SBB) make of Solid brass
  3. Matt brushed brass (MBB) make of Zinc alloy
  4. Brushed brass (BB) make of Zinc alloy with a bit glossy
  5. Stainless steel brass (SSB) make of Stainless steel which is a bit darker.

To find out the exact match please see size diagram in main description like below photo to find out the material and their colour code before purchase, generally Solid Brushed brass (SBB) and Matt brushed brass (MBB) are close enough to mix and match.

We offers a comprehensive range and  we source products from different producers which means that a colour or finish in one style may vary from another. Anodized aluminum and electroplated champagne or brass colour may have colour variation batch by batch,  it is not preventable we can only minimize the difference as much as we can, and sometimes it is not noticeable. For further enquiry or batch check please contact us before place the order.