Choosing Cabinet Hardware that Won’t go out of Style

Choosing cabinet hardware that won’t go out of style

One of the most crucial decisions that you need to make in designing the kitchen of your dreams is choosing the right hardware for your kitchen cabinets. It can be a frustrating and overwhelming process with all of the styles, sizes, and finishes to choose from.

Cabinet hardware is like the jewelry of the kitchen. It completes and gives more personality to your space. Updating your kitchen cabinet hardware is the easiest way to give your kitchen a new, fresh look without having to spend so much.

In choosing the cabinet hardware for your kitchen, here are some styles that you can consider:


  1. Streamline modern lip pulls

Lip pulls are usually U-shaped or horizontal handles that are fixed on top or the side of a cabinet door. Lip pull handles are ideal to use if you are going for a minimalist, handleless look for your modern kitchen. The minimalist aesthetic but maximum functionality of lip pull handles can seamlessly adapt to your kitchen design and add a contemporary finish to it. 

  1. Ornate and rustic knobs

Add flair and personality to your kitchen with decorative knobs for your cabinets. A kitchen cabinet knob is the most basic handle for cabinet drawers and doors but its wide range of materials and finishes makes it perfect to go with any kitchen style. You can choose from a wide range of knobs from antique, porcelain, or brass knobs to uniquely customized pieces. Cabinet knobs also come in different shapes that add fun to them.

  1. Chrome cabinet hardware

If you want a classic and timeless finish for a kitchen that can keep up with the trends even without revamping it every year, using cabinet hardware in chrome is the best option. It works well with any cabinet – from vintage style to modern style kitchens. 

Got any ideas for your next kitchen revamp? Which cabinet hardware will match perfectly with your kitchen?