How to Design a Timeless Kitchen

How to Design a Timeless Kitchen 1

A timeless kitchen is a dream for all practical folks who don’t want to compromise on design and aesthetics. Indeed, trends come and go, but a classic kitchen will always remain the same–beautiful, stylish, and functional. Elevate your kitchen with timeless elements and make it stand the test of time! 


Use neutral colors 

The color says a lot about the theme of a kitchen. While bold colors seem enticing at the moment, they’re not always sustainable for longer periods of time. On the other hand, neutral colors like white, cream, pale grey, earthy green, light blue, or beige, create a more individual look without affecting your kitchen’s long-term appearance. 


Keep the lighting chic but practical 

The perfect lighting will never go out of style. To keep in mind: kitchen lighting needs to be bold for practicality, yet can still switch up subtle when you want to create ambiance. For this, you need two types of lighting: shadow-free bright lighting for cooking and prep, and ambient lighting for when you need the space for unwinding and entertaining. Practical tip: use a central lighting source in combination with practical, space-saving wall lights and spotlights. 


Incorporate contrasting wood 

What is a great kitchen without wooden cabinets or wooden flooring? To offer variation, you can use both dark and natural wood for some of the key elements in the kitchen. For instance, using dark wood like walnut for your cabinets can serve as an accent against a light wooden flooring. It creates a modern feel, but with warmth and depth that is so timeless. 


Use cabinet and drawer hardware elements that will never go out of style 

The cabinets and drawers inside the kitchen are among the first elements you see at first glance. That’s why it’s important that they have a timeless vibe if your intention is longevity. One way to do this is to dress them up with classic hardware like gold pulls and brass knobs in classic minimalist shapes. 


What other classic elements are you incorporating in your kitchen to make sure that it stands the test of time? 


Kitchen Inspiration: Going Green and Earthy

Which color is having a moment this year? Neutrals like beige and bold ones like purple are still around, but allow us to mention something that’s considered in between GREEN. It’s cool and fresh to the eyes, it’s stylish, and it’s low maintenance!
kitchen inspiration Going green and earthy
@living_space_joinery takes the color to new heights by complementing it with earthy golden brown hues. Take a look at the details of the hardware too!
kitchen inspiration
The combination results in a modern yet homey vibe that’s perfect for any kitchen! Lip pull handles are also making a comeback so maybe you can consider choosing these for your kitchen too. They’re fully functional, unique, stylish, and suitable for any design.
kitchen inspiration
If you’re looking for cool, unique kitchen cabinet hardware, shop at now!

Kitchen Inspiration: Something Dark for a Cream Backdrop

Sometimes all it takes is a simple switch of cupboard hardware to make a noticeable change in your kitchen. Take, for instance, this makeover by @projectmelbourne21
They turned the pale finish of the previous hardware to something darker, creating a nice contrast against the cream cabinets and kitchen wall.
The contrast makes it look more modern and trendy! This little makeover only took changing the hardware to transform the vibe of the kitchen–truly a practical idea if you want something new for your kitchen as well!
Do you want to get similar minimalist and modern knobs, pulls, and handles for your kitchen? Make sure to drop by to find the hardware that’s perfect for your kitchen!

How to Remodel Your Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

From countertops to cabinets, appliances to lighting fixtures, there are just too many things to consider revamping when you want to do a kitchen makeover. That’s why it’s a project that’s often intimidating and hard to follow through. However, with the right budget-saving tips, you can see your kitchen have the upgrade it deserves without ever breaking the bank.

Repainting is a good idea

New paint color for your kitchen walls and surfaces can instantly make your kitchen come alive again. With the right paint, you can slowly decide on your theme. For bright shades, you can go for a summery, vacation house-type of kitchen. For neutral shades, you can go minimal. Bold colors can make your kitchen feel more contemporary and creative. The best part is that repainting is something you can do on your own or with your family members as a form of bonding; no need to ask for an expert’s help to do this. 

 Add greenery

Incorporating greens inside the kitchen can give off a cool and fresh vibe. Display some plants or flowers in a pot, then put them at the center of a counter. Add some hanging plants within the corners of the ceiling. You can even bring your own herb garden inside if possible–have a dedicated corner that’s accessible to sunlight, where the herbs are nicely tucked in cute pots.

Invest in a fabulous faucet

If there’s one part of the kitchen you can put a little money on during this kitchen makeover project, it should be the faucet. It’s practically one of the most used parts of your kitchen and a good investment assures you that you won’t have headaches over it in many years to come. Find one that’s a balance of style and function.

Sand and restain your cabinets, then add new hardware

If your cabinets are still in good shape, why replace them? Cabinets are easily one of the most costly parts of a kitchen makeover, so simply making do with sanding and restaining techniques can make it all feel brand new. Sanding the surfaces can help cover existing scratches and will make a good base for stain colors that instantly lighten up the overall look of the cabinets. Another instant update for your cabinets is changing the hardware. If it feels like the cabinet handles and drawer pulls are something you’d see from the 80s (unless that’s the look you’re going for), maybe it’s time to replace them. There are so many available budget-friendly pulls and handles in various styles out there. 


What are you planning to do to improve your kitchen design?

Best Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Designs

Best Ways to Save Money on Kitchen Designs

Considering labor and costs, a kitchen makeover is one of the most ambitious makeovers you can do at home. But that doesn’t mean you need to get intimidated by it. At the end of the day, it’s one of the most overused areas of the house so it does need much attention. There are many ways you can follow to make sure that you do not go over the bank when you 

Reuse parts of your old kitchen 


Anything that’s still working and in fairly good condition can still make its way back to your remodeled kitchen. Why replace when you can reuse? Skipping your purchase of certain appliances or areas of your kitchen can help cut back your costs. By this, we don’t just mean the obvious. This could also imply, say, an old wooden worktop–instead of getting rid of it for good, why not turn it into a new shelf and save on buying new wood? 

Refresh your cabinets rather than replacing them 


Cabinets can be so costly, especially when you need them custom-fit. So why replace them when you can simply refresh their look? From repainting, refacing, or changing the hardware, there are various ways you can easily do to change the look of your kitchen cabinets. Because these cabinets take so much part of your kitchen space, giving them a new look can already make a drastic change for the overall appearance of your kitchen. 

Consider track lighting 


Lighting can drastically change the look of your kitchen–it’s easy to get excited about cool pendants, downlighters, even chandeliers to be incorporated in the interior but these can obviously be pretty costly too. An alternative with the same dramatic lighting effect is track lighting. These are cheaper, easy to install, adjustable, and create the right kind of sophisticated lighting mood that you want. You may want to install it in a spot (say, right above the island counter) that can easily direct multiple spots of your kitchen. 


Don’t feel the need that everything has to match 


Who made the rules that the color and pattern of your cabinets need to match with the color of your floors and counters? While a seamless, matchy-match kitchen is satisfying to the eyes, that doesn’t mean that a mix-and-match kitchen isn’t good. When they work visually, like the colors are at the same spectrum, various elements can work together and can give your kitchen its own lively personality. For instance, you’ve done coloring your cabinets a nice shade of peach. Then you’ve run out of the same paint color for your counters. Do you really need to buy more paint? Why not make do with the spare brown pain you already have? Peaches and browns work well. Feel free to add more textures and patterns–the end result is a whimsical kitchen that’s also chic! 


What thrifty ways are you excited to try for your kitchen makeover? 

How to Place Cabinet Knobs, Handles and Pulls

How to place cabinet knobs, handles, and pulls

Revamping your kitchen today with a little cabinet hardware update? Here are short and easy steps for you to follow. You don’t want to be an expert builder to ace these things!

Who knows, these skills you’ll learn from this might come in handy for other DIY projects too! 


How to install kitchen cabinet knobs and handles

First thing you need is a tool they often refer to as a template, which can help you with the dimensions as you install the knobs or handles. The template has hole markings that can guide you where the knobs or handles need to be placed. Simply mount it to the cabinet surface and make pencil markings with the dimensions. You can also use a hardware jig for the same purpose, although a template is much cheaper to buy.  

When deciding on the placement, you need to consider functionality. The knobs or handles obviously need to be easy to reach. It may also vary depending on the cabinet door you are installing it to. For instance, wall cabinet doors often require knobs or handles to be placed in just one corner while base cabinet doors or kitchen drawers have the knobs or handles at the center. 

Next, drill a hole on the markings you did. Standard cabinet hardware screws usually require 5/16″ in size for the right drill bit. Make sure to drill from front to back to leave out as much splintering at the front side as possible. Finally, grab the knob or the handle–hold it at the front side of the door while you tighten the screw at the other side using a handy screwdriver.

If it so happens that you ended up drilling a hole at the wrong position, don’t panic. You can also use a wood filler. Fill up the hole and sand lightly once it dries up. Repaint as needed and in no time, it will look like no damage has been done!   


How to install kitchen cabinet pulls 

Using a tape measure, locate the drawer’s horizontal and vertical points. Mark the position you’ve identified. Measure it so that the distance between the mounting holes may be divided by two, then mark the distance on both left and right sides. Next, drill two holes through the front of the drawer (same reason as the knobs and handles–less splinters at the front side of the cabinet door). After holes are made, push the bolts of the pulls through the backside of the drawer, while holding the mount against the bolts. Screw the bolts until they are snug. 

What kind of kitchen cabinet knobs, handles and pulls are you installing? Do you follow a certain theme for your kitchen makeover? 

Kitchen Tap: How to Choose the Right One?

A quick browse and you’ll see that kitchen taps come in all shapes and sizes. You might be wondering, since when did a more faucet become such a big deal? But there’s actually a poignant reason why there are so many varieties and features to a kitchen tap: because it’s more important, more essential, more overused in the kitchen, than we all tend to think.
Check out these key facts you need to pay attention to!

Consider your budget 

Think about how much you’re willing to spend over a kitchen tap. You might think it’s just another average component of the kitchen, but truth be told, it’s easily one of the most overused items in there. So it’s wise to invest on one that’s of reliable quality. Better to invest on a pricier one than regret having to replace the tap ever so often, don’t you agree?

Get the water pressure right 

You also need to make sure that the water pressure from the tap you’re selecting is compatible with your house’s water outlet. For example, if you have a high-pressure system then it’s safe to say that you’ll have a variety of choices to choose from since most tap models are now designed this way. However, if you live in an older home, most water outlets are only designed for the lower pressure level so you have to look for a kitchen tap that can work well under this condition. It’s best to consult with your plumber first!

Make the style fit  

You don’t want your faucet to look out of place in your kitchen’s overall theme. If your kitchen’s design is more on the modern, contemporary or sleek minimalist side, then go for colors like the trendy matte black or the classic stainless steel. On the flipside, if your kitchen has a more rustic feel to it, you can explore solid brass colors in traditional, nostalgic designs you usually would see on the countryside. The faucet gets some attention in the kitchen so it would work well if it’s a seamless part of the design you’re going for.

Focus on function 

Ultimately, it’s you who knows best what kind of work your kitchen tap will be required to do. Whether it’s mainly for pre-washing of dishes and food ingredients, for cleaning hands before and after the work gets done, as a cleaning aid for the whole kitchen, or as a source of drinking water, your kitchen tap is functioning in a lot of ways. That’s why when you’re choosing a new kitchen tap, you should think about what you’re using it for the most. For example, if frequent cleaning makes you feel satisfied (good for you!), maybe it’s great to invest in taps with those very efficient pull-out spray–it makes the job of cleaning up so much easier!
What kind of factors are you looking for before you decide on the perfect kitchen tap?

Ways to properly care for your kitchen cabinets

Ways to properly care for your kitchen cabinets

What’s the one part of your kitchen that can last for up to 50 years or more when cared for properly? Answer: Kitchen Cabinets! Kitchens are one of the hardest working rooms in our homes, so having the cabinets in that room last for that long is pretty impressive! That’s a much longer lifespan than other kitchen components, such as appliances, and certain types of countertops and kitchen sinks.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your kitchen cabinets are maintained for the long haul. 


Set a cleaning schedule 

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping kitchen cabinets clean and dust-free. It’s easy to forget about this important maintenance task if you don’t add it to your calendar. Plan to clean cabinet doors and drawers every two weeks and the entire cabinets, inside and out, every six months.

Don’t slam the doors 

Slamming cabinets doors can lead to unnecessary repairs overtime. It can also lead to dings and chips on the inside lip of your cabinet. By adding hardware, such as cabinet door handles, you can actually deter people from opening and closing cabinets with such force.

Avoid moisture

You want to keep moisture away from your cabinets as much as possible. Hanging a wet rag from a wooden cabinet, for instance, is a huge no-no. As a universal truth, wood and water don’t mix, but sometimes we take the durability of our kitchen cabinets for granted. No matter how many coats of paint or primer a cabinet has, the wood will still wear away and rot if it is continually exposed to water. 

Use functional hardware on cabinet doors

When you are cooking or doing some other task in the kitchen, your hands are frequently dirty, oily, or have some crumbs on them. If you open a cabinet without a handle, you are transferring all of that directly to the door. In general, having hardware can help keep your cabinets easier to maintain, but you must also keep in mind the material you choose to keep your kitchen looking fresher for a longer period of time. Metals like chrome and stainless steel show smudges, fingerprints, and water spot much more easily than either brushed or polished nickel, ceramic, or satin or oil-rubbed bronze.

Cabinets can last a lifetime if well taken care of, we hope these tips will help you.