The Widest Selection of Lip and Finger Pull Handles in Australia

iGrab is the proud home of anextensive collection of sleek andsmooth finger and lip pull handles. These unique handles can modernise and add a contemporary touch to any home. We source all of our knobs and handles from Australian curators and pride ourselves on our local roots.

The benefits of lip and finger pull handles

Aesthetic advantages: Unfussy appearance – if you prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, the simple yet innovative design of these handles is ideal for you. They can be recessed into your drawers and cabinets to lie perfectly flush, almost becoming invisible, elevating your kitchen to look more streamlined and effortless. Timelessness – the handles’ discreetness won’t betray the age of your home, and different styles can seamlessly blend in with or complement your modern appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and blenders.

Functional advantages: Freedom of movement – people of all ages and sizes can navigate your kitchen easily and safely without the risk of bumping into protruding handles or catching their clothing on knobs that jut out. Ease of cleaning – the channel of a finger or lip pull handle usually only require a single swipe with a cleaning cloth to remove any dust or dirt that have collected inside them, which is simpler than working a cloth around a traditional handle or knob’s grooves and shapes.

Modernise your kitchen with our lip and finger pull handles

If you’re ready to take the next step towards the modern kitchen of your dreams, shop the iGrab range of innovative lip and finger pull handles. We deliver our products all over Australia and offer a 28-day exchange or refund service, so you can be sure you’ll get the perfect handles for your home.To place an order or for more information about any of our products, give us acall on (02) 9748 0702, email us at, or contact us online. Happy browsing!