What warranty does igrab offer?

Igrab.com.au offers warranty against defects in finishes, materials and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. We cannot be liable if the products are subject to:

  • Improper or lack of maintenance, eg harsh or corrosive cleaning products
  • Incorrect installation or failure to follow instructions.
  • Use of a product for which it was not designed, exposure to weather and/or environmental conditions exceeding reasonable or otherwise specified environmental tolerances, including, but not limited to, coastal environments, high humidity rainfall and wind, it’s important to acknowledge that this also extends to all products utilised externally.
  • It’s important to highlight that products made of brass/gold and zinc diecast are not advisable for coastal areas, and any damages to their finishes are not included in this warranty.
  • This warranty excludes coverage for labor costs, personal losses, economic, consequential, or property damages of any nature.
  • The warranty explicitly excludes coverage for any damages incurred through the commercial use of Cabinetware, Doorware, or General Hardware products. Approved Models are intended solely for domestic, personal use.
  • Our solid brass handle coated with high grade lacquer, due to the natural property of the brass material even these have some limitations and may alter over time and with varying amounts of use, the brass handle cannot be guaranteed unconditionally, Enjoy the charm of brass handle natural beauty and the unique ageing over time.
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