How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

Functional, well-organized, stylish. These are elements that give your kitchen the coveted wow factor.  Inject the ‘wow’ in your kitchen with these tried and tested tips! Take inspiration now and revive your own cook space.

Have a wall backdrop 

Make the elements of your kitchen stand out even more with a bold backdrop of walls and floor. If the elements like the cabinets, counters, and lighting are all in a dark shade, make the backdrop a lighter shade. If the elements are all light, then the backdrop has to be dark. This contrast is always so pleasing to the eyes and makes for awesome photographs! 


Bold cabinetry colors 

While we’re talking about color shades to pick, we highly recommend going for bolder colors for your cabinetry. Colors like red, bright blue, yellow, or orange, make a statement that’s ultra-modern yet still timeless. If bright colors are too much for you, you can go for muted tones like grey. 


Give that high gloss finish 

Giving your surfaces a glossy finish creates more depth and shine that gets your whole kitchen bright and enticing. The exceptional color depth and reflective quality give that instant extra oomph and it also opens up the kitchen space, making it look roomier.


Focus on details–like exceptional hardware 

Sometimes the biggest wow factor comes in the smallest details. In your kitchen’s case, it could be cabinetry hardware. While these aren’t the first elements you see when you look at the big picture, they are little surprises that keep the overall face of the kitchen more exciting. Match the hardware with the theme of your kitchen–if the theme is modern, go for clean, geometrical hardware. If your kitchen is a classic, you can experiment with detailed hardware. 


How do you think you can give your kitchen the special wow factor?