How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

Functional, well-organized, stylish. These are elements that give your kitchen the coveted wow factor.  Inject the ‘wow’ in your kitchen with these tried and tested tips! Take inspiration now and revive your own cook space.

Have a wall backdrop 

Make the elements of your kitchen stand out even more with a bold backdrop of walls and floor. If the elements like the cabinets, counters, and lighting are all in a dark shade, make the backdrop a lighter shade. If the elements are all light, then the backdrop has to be dark. This contrast is always so pleasing to the eyes and makes for awesome photographs! 


Bold cabinetry colors 

While we’re talking about color shades to pick, we highly recommend going for bolder colors for your cabinetry. Colors like red, bright blue, yellow, or orange, make a statement that’s ultra-modern yet still timeless. If bright colors are too much for you, you can go for muted tones like grey. 


Give that high gloss finish 

Giving your surfaces a glossy finish creates more depth and shine that gets your whole kitchen bright and enticing. The exceptional color depth and reflective quality give that instant extra oomph and it also opens up the kitchen space, making it look roomier.


Focus on details–like exceptional hardware 

Sometimes the biggest wow factor comes in the smallest details. In your kitchen’s case, it could be cabinetry hardware. While these aren’t the first elements you see when you look at the big picture, they are little surprises that keep the overall face of the kitchen more exciting. Match the hardware with the theme of your kitchen–if the theme is modern, go for clean, geometrical hardware. If your kitchen is a classic, you can experiment with detailed hardware. 


How do you think you can give your kitchen the special wow factor? 

Elements Of A Classic Kitchen Style

It’s easy to appreciate a classic kitchen aesthetic–from its elegant craftsmanship to its refined details, down to its distinctive embellishments, this design is tried-and-tested timeless. If you are committed to keeping the look of your kitchen for years to come without the worry that it might look outdated, it’s definitely practical to opt for the elements of a classic kitchen. 

Take a look at some of the elements you can incorporate into your kitchen to make it remain stylish even as the years go by. 

Stone countertops 

You can often spot natural stone materials for the countertops of classic kitchens. Some of the more popular stone countertops include granite, marble, and quartz or quartzite. Pay attention to the edging as well–ogee, bevel, or bullnose edging add elegance and luxury while waterfall or straight edging tends to have a cleaner look. Aside from that, you can opt for curved or tired countertops to add subtle embellishments. 

Formal light fixtures 

Two things to keep in mind when it comes to lighting for classic kitchens: they should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. That said, they should be strategically placed in key areas to create effective luminance for work areas as well as add a warm ambiance. The shape and shade of the lights you want to work with must also be considered. Ornate pendant lighting or crystal chandeliers are certainly timeless and those can help you achieve that classic appeal for your kitchen. 

Choose muted colors 

Incorporate soft, muted colors such as creams, taupes, and light grays. These shades will bring out a natural element, making the room feel more comfortable. For the accents, you can have a splash of colors that are subtle and can blend seamlessly in the room. 

Detailed hardware 

One of the attributes of classic, timeless hardware is in the details. Unlike the modern alternatives that tend to have cleaner lines and edges, classic hardware has more intricate details that are just subtle enough to keep it from looking too ornate. 


What classic elements are you incorporating into your kitchen today? 


How to Design a Timeless Kitchen

How to Design a Timeless Kitchen 1

A timeless kitchen is a dream for all practical folks who don’t want to compromise on design and aesthetics. Indeed, trends come and go, but a classic kitchen will always remain the same–beautiful, stylish, and functional. Elevate your kitchen with timeless elements and make it stand the test of time! 


Use neutral colors 

The color says a lot about the theme of a kitchen. While bold colors seem enticing at the moment, they’re not always sustainable for longer periods of time. On the other hand, neutral colors like white, cream, pale grey, earthy green, light blue, or beige, create a more individual look without affecting your kitchen’s long-term appearance. 


Keep the lighting chic but practical 

The perfect lighting will never go out of style. To keep in mind: kitchen lighting needs to be bold for practicality, yet can still switch up subtle when you want to create ambiance. For this, you need two types of lighting: shadow-free bright lighting for cooking and prep, and ambient lighting for when you need the space for unwinding and entertaining. Practical tip: use a central lighting source in combination with practical, space-saving wall lights and spotlights. 


Incorporate contrasting wood 

What is a great kitchen without wooden cabinets or wooden flooring? To offer variation, you can use both dark and natural wood for some of the key elements in the kitchen. For instance, using dark wood like walnut for your cabinets can serve as an accent against a light wooden flooring. It creates a modern feel, but with warmth and depth that is so timeless. 


Use cabinet and drawer hardware elements that will never go out of style 

The cabinets and drawers inside the kitchen are among the first elements you see at first glance. That’s why it’s important that they have a timeless vibe if your intention is longevity. One way to do this is to dress them up with classic hardware like gold pulls and brass knobs in classic minimalist shapes. 


What other classic elements are you incorporating in your kitchen to make sure that it stands the test of time? 


Kitchen Inspiration: Going Green and Earthy

Which color is having a moment this year? Neutrals like beige and bold ones like purple are still around, but allow us to mention something that’s considered in between GREEN. It’s cool and fresh to the eyes, it’s stylish, and it’s low maintenance!
kitchen inspiration Going green and earthy
@living_space_joinery takes the color to new heights by complementing it with earthy golden brown hues. Take a look at the details of the hardware too!
kitchen inspiration
The combination results in a modern yet homey vibe that’s perfect for any kitchen! Lip pull handles are also making a comeback so maybe you can consider choosing these for your kitchen too. They’re fully functional, unique, stylish, and suitable for any design.
kitchen inspiration
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Kitchen Inspiration: Something Dark for a Cream Backdrop

Sometimes all it takes is a simple switch of cupboard hardware to make a noticeable change in your kitchen. Take, for instance, this makeover by @projectmelbourne21
They turned the pale finish of the previous hardware to something darker, creating a nice contrast against the cream cabinets and kitchen wall.
The contrast makes it look more modern and trendy! This little makeover only took changing the hardware to transform the vibe of the kitchen–truly a practical idea if you want something new for your kitchen as well!
Do you want to get similar minimalist and modern knobs, pulls, and handles for your kitchen? Make sure to drop by to find the hardware that’s perfect for your kitchen!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet handles come in all types of sizes, shapes, finishes, colors, and more. There are so many options out there, so how do you even begin to pick the perfect ones for your kitchen? Get ready to go shopping for new kitchen cabinet handles with these factors in tow! 


The environment 

If your place is located near water or in moist conditions, the handles and other hardware will tend to get vulnerable to external elements and will corrode or wear out much faster. Keep this in mind when choosing new handles, because some finishes are more prone to corrosion when exposed to watery and most conditions. For instance, aluminum handles have a reputation for pitting easily in damp environments, whereas brass is unshakeable. 


The style 

You want the handles of your cabinets to be completely in place with the rest of the kitchen. If your kitchen is on a more classic side, then your handles should have a more vintage-inspired, intricately-detailed look. On the other hand, if you have a modern kitchen, stick with clean, minimalist, geometric handles. 


The use 

How often will you be using your kitchen? Is the kitchen located in a holiday home? Are you going to be living alone? Or are you with a whole family who loves to cook? Depending on your foreseen usage of the kitchen, determine the quality of the handles you’ll be needing. If you know you’re going to be using the kitchen heavily, then it’s definitely better to invest in more durable handles. 


The finishing look


For a finishing look in the handles, the trend these days is that it’s all about contrast–it’s not supposed to blend and disappear into the background. The handles and other hardware are supposed to be the accessory, after all. If you look at modern kitchens, the hardware really does tend to have a contrasting look against the color of the cabinets, as well as other fixtures like appliances, plumbing, and lighting. Keep in mind that warmer-toned spaces look good with brass finishes, while cooler tones work best with darker cabinet handles. 


What other factors are you looking for in shopping for new kitchen cabinet handles?

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Classy

How to make your kitchen look classy

Is the overhaul for your kitchen long overdue? There will never be a right time to get started with that project. The best thing to do is to simply begin right NOW! If you’re worried about the budget or logistics, we’re here to remind you that you don’t need to do a massive renovation and spend a lot to make your kitchen look like a classy space for happy memories. You can achieve the look that you want with these simple, affordable tips! 

Display some art and other decorations 

Make your kitchen feel like it’s not just some extension of your house where you do all the wet and messy things to prepare meals. A simple trick for this is to add some decorative elements to specific corners of the kitchen. Hang a painting on walls, add some ornaments on open shelves, and put some plants to make the vibe more refreshing! 


Lighting is key 

We’ve mentioned this a couple of times and we still believe it to be true–lighting really does make a huge difference in creating a classy vibe for a room. You don’t need to put chandeliers and other expensive fixtures for this. Some DIY-ers simply use attachable LED yellow lights that are strategically placed in the right corners to give your kitchen that illuminating glow. 

Pay attention to your kitchen cabinets and drawers 

The cabinets and drawers are some of the elements of your kitchen that are highly visible. They take up so much space in the visual, so it goes without saying that they need to be repainted when you’re giving your kitchen a new look. When choosing a color, go for classic, neutral colors that will never run out of style and match well with the rest of the elements of your kitchen. 

Aside from giving the cabinets and drawers a fresh new color, complete the look by accessorizing them with fancy-looking knobs and pulls. These accessories give an instant update to the look and the best part is that they’re not too pricey for your working budget! 

If you’re looking for quality, affordable and classy hardware for your kitchen’s cabinets and drawers, you can check out IGRAB’s shopping page now! 


What are the Different Types of Taps?

What are the different types of taps?

Need to change your bathroom or kitchen tap? With so many options available these days, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. More often than not, you’re still left wondering, which type of tap should you actually choose? We’ve listed the top picks and a quick description of why you should certainly incorporate them in your sink today!  

Pillar Taps 

This kind of tap usually has a lever or mechanism that allows you to turn the tap on or off. Often mounted on a basin or bath, it has separate outlets for hot and cold water. You can choose the type of handle for pillar taps: the traditional capstan head (the one with a crossbar at the top); as well as the more modern lever head and bib handles. 

Mixer Taps 

Mixer taps comprise two pillars that are joined together to share one spout. This single spout has the capability to produce both hot and cold water instantly. This kind of tap allows you to achieve the perfect, consistent water temperature–one that’s neither too hot nor too cold. 

Monobloc Taps 

Elevate the look of your sink with a modern monobloc tap. Like a mixer tap, this type only requires a single tap hole from which both hot and cold water can be dispensed. Many contain a single lever that can be manipulated to control the flow and temperature, but there are other variants that come with twin levers for separate functions. This type of tap comes in a range of styles, from modern to traditional, curved to squared, waterfall spout to aerated spout–giving you more options to choose which style would suit your bathroom or kitchen best. 

3 Hole Basin Taps 

Functioning much like the monobloc tap, the 3 hole basin tap’s significance is that it requires 3 holes, as its name suggests. One hole in the middle is for the spout, while the other two are for the hot and cold levers. People often choose this type if they’re feeling a little bit fancier and have enough sink and counter space.

Which type of tap are you considering buying for your kitchen or bathroom?

How to Clean and Polish Brass Kitchen Handles

How to Clean and Polish Brass Kitchen Handles

Are you about to DIY restoring your brass kitchen handles? Many will say leave it to the experts to do it for you, but we’re here to tell you that yes, you CAN certainly do it all by yourself. While brass kitchen handles have gained a notorious reputation for easily corroding when not cleaned and polished properly, it’s no sign for you to get intimidated by it.

Get ready for a quick, step-by-step process on how you can clean and polish your own brass kitchen handles. 


  1. Determine whether your kitchen handles are solid or plated brass by using a strong magnet. Magnets are attracted to solid steel or zinc, but will not stick to brass alloys, whether lacquer-sprayed or not. 


  1. If the kitchen handles happen to be sprayed with a protective lacquer finish, remove it first using denatured alcohol, paint stripper, or nail polish remover, but make sure to use it sparingly as you don’t want to damage the surface with too many chemicals.  


  1. Continue to scour the kitchen handles to remove built-up grime, corrosion, and tarnish. For this, you can use a lacquer thinner or simply a mixture of vinegar and salt. You can scour a solid brass handle with steel wool, while being careful on plated surfaces. For brass-plated surfaces that are more fragile, just use an old soft cloth.  


  1. Heavily tarnished brass can be soaked with ammonia. You have to be careful, however, because ammonia can pit or degrade brass if left for too long. Watch the chemical reaction carefully and if you see that it’s too much and the process needs to be stopped, you can neutralize it with a spray of diluted vinegar. 


  1. Next, you can apply a thick layer of commercial brass cleaner or polish, then dry. You have two options when it comes to cleaners and polishes: caustic or acidic formulas. You’ll have to experiment with what works best for your kitchen handles, but generally, acidic formulas react only with tarnished brass. Caustic ones, meanwhile, only react with the brass itself. 


  1. Buff the kitchen handles with a soft cloth, making sure to remove all polish. Continue buffing until the brass shines and all the tarnish is removed. 


Share with us your experience with cleaning and polishing your own brass kitchen handles! We’d love to hear from you through our social media! 

Tips on How Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles serve a very important functional reason (obviously, to easily open cabinets), but aside from that, they also play an important role in the overall look of your revamped kitchen. You might think that it’s just a small part of the whole picture, but notice the details of the Pinterest-worthy kitchens that you rave about–the subtle hardware, also known as the kitchen accessories, are like the cherry on top of a fantastic-looking kitchen. 

Here are some things that you can keep in mind in order to find the right kitchen cabinet handles for your kitchen. 


Choose a finish 

When choosing a finish for your kitchen cabinet handles, it’s all about contrasting. Cabinet hardware works best when the finish adds contrast to the room. The color of your cabinets, as well as other fixtures like appliances, plumbing and lighting, should have contrast with your hardware finish. You can choose the correct style to suit you kitchen, hampton styles, modern styles or minimalist. Whatever you choose our tip: warmer-toned spaces look good with brass handles, while cooler tones work best with black handles

Make a dry run for the size and placement 

The size and placement of your cabinet handles can have a massive effect on your space. Try to order multiple sizes of handles for samples, and try it on your actual cabinets. This way, you can get an accurate measure for the size and placement of your handles. 


Quality above all else 

Aesthetics are certainly important, but other than that, you must also consider that your handles are going to be used and abused in your daily kitchen routine, so you’ll definitely want hardware quality that you can rely on. Consider quality hardware as a wise investment you can enjoy for the years to come; it’s all worth it, trust us! 


Do you think it’s time to upgrade your kitchen cabinet handles? What are you looking for in your kitchen cabinet handles?