Ways New Kitchen Cabinets Add Value to Your Home

Ways new kitchen cabinets add value to your home

The kitchen is not just the heart of the home – it can be an investment. Upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to add and boost the value of your home.

Many people think that you should invest in the latest floor designs, furniture, or appliances to add value to your home. New kitchen cabinetry gives an impressive impact on your home and a dreamy environment that homeowners will surely notice.

Increase your home’s value without spending too much effort with new kitchen cabinets in these five ways:

  1. Return on investment

When you feel like you might eventually need to sell your house in the future, keep in mind that home buyers are most interested in the kitchen because it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Consider traditional-style cabinets because they work well with many different styles. 

  1. Style and design

Create a visually dynamic but cohesive design for your kitchen by matching your kitchen cabinets with the theme of your space. Add kitchen hardware such as cabinet pulls and handles to achieve design continuity in your kitchen.

  1. Storage and functionality

More than the aesthetics, home buyers will definitely asses the storage potential and functionality of your kitchen space. Choose a kitchen cabinet design that will maximize its space for kitchen items.

  1. Floor space

Kitchen cabinets provide more floor space for the kitchen. It organizes the items in the kitchen and at the same time, prevents clutter on countertops.

  1. Classy, modern kitchen

Kitchen cabinets give the perceived value of your kitchen and its overall design since they are the first thing that people see. Even with modern cabinetry, people’s first impression of your kitchen is important – and gives them nothing but satisfaction.

Have you decided what style your new kitchen cabinets will be for your next kitchen remodeling?


Tips for Creating the Perfect Minimalist Kitchen

Aside from being the “heart of the home”, the kitchen is where the magic happens – friends cook together, families bond over food, and it brings people closer. Even if you don’t cook as much as you want to, the kitchen is still the most used room in your home, and it can easily feel cluttered as much as it gets neglected sometimes. A purely functional kitchen combines form and function that gives you a space that is usable, organized, and beautiful at the same time.


Most people mistake minimalism for having less than 100 things in your space but kitchen minimalism is actually turning your kitchen into an accessible, clutter-free space where you can easily find the things that you use the most. It’s ridding your kitchen of the things that you don’t need and are simply occupying space while organizing the things that you actually use.


Some useful tips for kitchen minimalism include:


  1. Declutter

When decluttering, you should ask yourself these two things: do I need it? Will I use it? If your answer is no, then you probably should declutter that item. For your kitchen, some good places to start would be your cooking equipment, dishes, pots, and pans, as well as small appliances.


  1. Clean out your refrigerator and check your pantry items

Auditing your pantry items and cleaning out your refrigerator every now and then can help you save money for food and avoid food waste. Only buy and stock what is needed. Making a list before you go to the grocery helps, too.


  1. Organize your countertop and kitchen cabinets

The only things and appliances on your countertop should be: 1) what you use every day and 2) anything that is inconvenient to move around. If you’re also aiming for a minimalist look for your kitchen, you can change your kitchen hardware such as pulls and knobs that give a minimalist look.

Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs. It’s a great way to create an elegant and functional space with minimal clutter. One of the most important elements of creating a minimalist kitchen is choosing the right kitchen handles. By selecting modern and sleek handles, you can achieve a neat and organized look that will stand the test of time

Modern Kitchen Ideas to Revamp Your Space

How to add that Wow Factor to your House with Modern Handles and Pulls

Coming up with new ways to upgrade and revamp your kitchen space can sometimes be a lot, but exciting at the same time. Modern kitchen ideas explore a wide range of materials, designs, and finishes for cabinetry, walls, and even the kitchen floor.

In modern kitchens, the trends are always heading towards something bolder, something more exciting – but the most important aspect even in newer kitchen ideas is the versatility, function, and comfort of the space. 

Modern-style kitchens are characterized by fine cabinetry works, a range of colors and shades across the spectrum, and a sleek stylish finish. The latest appliances are also incorporated for the perfect modern kitchen design.

Now that you got the gist of what a modern kitchen looks like, take a look at these kitchen ideas to help you transform your space:

  1. Use stainless steel for an elevated industrial styleUse stainless steel for an elevated industrial style

Stainless steel kitchen gives a professional and sleek vibe to your kitchen. The combination of luxurious stainless steel materials such as kitchen handle and pulls, and traditional materials re-positions your kitchen to have a modern finish.


  1. Contrast modern with wood and metalContrast modern with wood and metal

If you want a kitchen that is not too rustic or too industrial, you can try combining wood elements with metal ones. With metal handles in brass or chrome color, it can shine a spotlight on your wooden cabinets and drawers. 


  1. Create a warm ambiance with natural and organic materials

Modern kitchens can also be welcoming and embracing. Create a cozy and calming environment within your space by incorporating organic textures such as vintage fixtures and cabinet handles, earthy tones and textures, and nature-inspired designs.


  1. Incorporate fixtures and lighting

Your kitchen fixtures and lighting might be the finishing touch for your dream modern kitchen. They set the tone and add interest to your kitchen. For a modern kitchen, choose a design that is unique and eye-catching. 


  1. Go monochromatic or put a splash of color

natural and organic

Most modern kitchens opt to be monochromatic with black, white, or shades of gray to form a classic and sophisticated look. However, you can always choose to be playful and add a bit of color, too. The use of color can give your kitchen a fresh, and stunning finish.

Which of these modern kitchen ideas will you try for your kitchen?


Kitchen Design Tips You Need to Know Before Your Next Renovation

Kitchen design tips you need to know before your next renovation

If you’ve never designed a kitchen before, you might not know where exactly where to start. Renovating the kitchen may cost you a lot, so before you start working on your project, list the things that you want to achieve for your new kitchen and all of your options. 

The clean slate of a new kitchen can be overwhelming. Aside from achieving the perfect look for your dream kitchen, you should also consider that you get to enjoy being in your kitchen daily. The layout of your kitchen, appliances, furniture, and even cabinetry needs to be planned accordingly. 


Fortunately, there are kitchen design tips that can help you start. 


  1. Maximize what you already have

Before the renovation, look around your kitchen. Take a look at what you currently have, what elements need to be changed and fixed, and those that can still be kept. People tend to believe that they need to make everything brand new but this may cost a lot. Sometimes, you just need to enhance your creativity and explore your cooking space.


  1. Don’t get caught up with the trends

Every year, there are going to be a lot of new kitchen trends that will entice you to try but don’t indulge in all of the trends. While those trends can be truly amazing, most of them may not be ideal for your kitchen. Remember that when it comes to your kitchen, your personal style matters more.


  1. Stick to your budget

Kitchen renovation should not be about how much money you can spend – it is about how you can alleviate your kitchen within your budget. You can change the look of your kitchen by improving your kitchen cabinets – replacing your kitchen handles and kitchen knobs with modern, contemporary, or vintage style depending on your preference. Black kitchen handles go well with modern kitchen designs.

Tips for Mixing Knobs and Pulls on Kitchen

Tips for mixing knobs and pulls on kitchen

For kitchen cabinets, there are so many styles and finish to choose from and to match your overall kitchen design, you need a carefully thought-out combination of knobs and pulls to use. Some cabinets are better suited for a certain type of hardware but can you mix knobs and pulls? 

Yes, you can mix knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets.

Mixing knobs and pulls for our cabinets makes a big difference in terms of functionality. While it is recommended to use different hardware for higher cabinets and lower cabinets, mixing them is your practical decision as long as your chosen knobs and pulls to use serve their purpose.

Here are some tips to help you decide and get your hardware mix right.

  1. Choose a single finish for your hardware

Make your job simple and easily coordinate your cabinet hardware by using the same color and material for all. It is easier and simpler to mix and match different knobs and pulls if they come in one finish. This will also give your cabinets a more cohesive look.

  1. Consider functionality and ease of use

Pulls are a good choice for drawers since drawers have a wider span and are heavier. It will help you pull them out easier. Use one style for your lower cabinets and one style for higher cabinets. Knobs are recommended for higher cabinets because they are easier to grip for cabinets that are placed higher.

  1. Think long-term

Improving the kitchen comes with a cost so before deciding to change or mix and match your hardware, make sure that you have found the perfect knobs and pulls to go with your fixtures since some cannot be changed right away. Consider the shape, size, and material of your chosen hardware and choose which will be functional for you now and later.

Before purchasing new kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls, carefully consider if it is cost-effective and if they will maximize your kitchen’s utility and design.


Standout Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

_Standout kitchen cabinet ideas

Finding the right kitchen cabinet is important to creating a kitchen that you will love for years and that is sure to fit your style. No matter what look you prefer, kitchen cabinets will provide you with inspiration to create a kitchen space that fits your home.

Kitchen cabinet designs are selected for their functionality, individual style, and added decorative touches. There are a lot of trends in kitchen cabinet designs this year so we have made a rundown of the top kitchen cabinet ideas to keep you up to date.

  1. Sleek and minimalist

Less is definitely more, and it is also true for your kitchen. Minimalist design is becoming more popular along with the rise of technological advances that promote less ornate designs to fit any aesthetic. Cabinets with classic style, clean lines, and warm wood tones will definitely work in modern and contemporary kitchens.

  1. A splash of color

Despite white kitchen designs being a mainstream phenomenon when it comes to home design, adding a bit of color to your kitchen can give it a more refreshing look and personality. Painted cabinet designs are starting to become a thing again, especially with the return of the retro look, making candy-colored shades for kitchen cabinets popular again. 

  1. Mix and match

The matching of colors, textures, and styles to give an eclectic look to your kitchen is still in. There are many ways to achieve this and you can start by replacing your cabinet handles and knobs to create to fit your kitchen design. Whether you blend, contrast, or accessorize, opting to replace your kitchen handles is something that you can definitely do.

Have you decided on what kitchen cabinet design to do next? 

Kitchen Upgrades That Add the Most Value to Your Home

Whether you are going for a long weekend or preparing for a big race, it is important that you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated during your bike rides.

As you ride, your body loses fluids as you sweat all the time and you might probably lose more water than you realize. Dehydration can greatly affect your form and performance. Proper hydration makes so much of a difference during a ride.

Here are some hydration tips and a little knowledge about proper cycling hydration that you need to know:

How much water do you need to drink

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When and how should you hydrate yourself

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What is the best way to hydrate during cycling

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Essential Elements of a Classic Kitchen Design

Essential Elements of a Classic Kitchen Design

Going for a classic style is always a good option when conceptualizing the overall look of your new kitchen. It’s functional, timeless, and easy on the eyes, yet still remains interesting. However, what constitutes a real classic kitchen, is the question. Let’s take a look at some of the essential elements that make a classic kitchen genuinely classic.

Grandiose countertops 

You’ll notice that hard, grandiose countertops are often found in classic design kitchens. These countertops are often made with heavy materials like granite, marble, and quartz or quartzite. You will also see the difference with the edging of these countertops, as most have ogee, bevel, or bullnose edging forms that certainly add simple elegance. 

Neutral colors 

Soft, muted colors such as creams, taupes, and light grays are basic shades often found in a classic kitchen. These shades will bring out a natural element, making the room feel more comfortable. Now, if you want a twist to a monotonous look, you can also add accents and some splashes of colors that are subtle and can blend seamlessly with your base neutral paint. 

Formal, warm light fixtures 

When it comes to lighting, there’s a certain warm luminance that a classic design provides. The soft lighting complements the intricate forms and elements that make up the rest of the kitchen. However, if too much yellow or warm light bothers you, you can also install a brighter option on your work areas like the countertops or the stove area. That way, you can have two options for your lighting and you can make your kitchen fully ready for cooking but also warm and accommodating for bonding moments like an informal dinner with the family. 

Intricate hardware for the drawers and cabinets

Intricate details are a huge aspect of a classic design. Consider it like how the people of the past have truly invested their time and skills in creating design masterpieces–and that makes the classic design have a distinct character of its own. As a finishing touch to your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers in the kitchen, embellish them with hardware that has luxurious details. 


Among the classic elements listed above, which ones are you incorporating into your newly-revamped kitchen? 

Tips to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Tips to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Is there such a thing as the perfect kitchen? We think that perfection is relative–but if you follow these tips, you may be able to achieve a kitchen that’s perfect by your standards. Get excited to overhaul your kitchen into a space that’s perfect for your cooking lifestyle and style preferences! 

Design a golden triangle layout 

The perfect work triangle layout allows you to be more efficient. This layout consists of cooking, cleaning, and storage areas all sitting in three points that form a work triangle. With this kind of setup, you can be able to compartmentalize your activities, instead of having all work done in just one cramped area. 

Choose the right kitchen tap 

Your kitchen sink area should be a place you can genuinely be happy and excited about. Think about the amount of work you often do there–all the dishes to be cleaned or all the prepping you need to whip up a meal. It’s one of the most overused spaces in your kitchen so it should be thoughtfully planned out and designed. There are so many variations of kitchen tapware, and you can choose from forms like gooseneck or modern square, and finishes like matt black, brushed brass, or chrome and white combinations. You can even opt for one with a pull-down spout! 

Have attractive but practical lighting  

It’s a basic understanding that kitchen lighting needs to be bright and bold for functionality, but you can make the perfect lighting by making sure that the lighting can be switched up into subtle highlights when you want to create ambiance. You can install two types of lighting to achieve this–shadow-free bright lighting for cooking and prep, and ambient lighting for when you need the space for unwinding and entertaining. 

Upgrade your hardware 

Hardware is considered the accessory of cabinets and drawers. You know you are one step closer to achieving a fully functional and stylish kitchen by simply upgrading the hardware you currently have for your drawers and cabinets. It doesn’t require some drastic changes for this upgrade, and yet the end result is still so noticeable. When you’re down to choosing the right hardware, pick options that are durable enough to last for years and are timelessly stylish, creating that balance of perfection! 

What other elements would you consider essential to make the perfect kitchen? 


How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

How To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

Functional, well-organized, stylish. These are elements that give your kitchen the coveted wow factor.  Inject the ‘wow’ in your kitchen with these tried and tested tips! Take inspiration now and revive your own cook space.

Have a wall backdrop 

Make the elements of your kitchen stand out even more with a bold backdrop of walls and floor. If the elements like the cabinets, counters, and lighting are all in a dark shade, make the backdrop a lighter shade. If the elements are all light, then the backdrop has to be dark. This contrast is always so pleasing to the eyes and makes for awesome photographs! 


Bold cabinetry colors 

While we’re talking about color shades to pick, we highly recommend going for bolder colors for your cabinetry. Colors like red, bright blue, yellow, or orange, make a statement that’s ultra-modern yet still timeless. If bright colors are too much for you, you can go for muted tones like grey. 


Give that high gloss finish 

Giving your surfaces a glossy finish creates more depth and shine that gets your whole kitchen bright and enticing. The exceptional color depth and reflective quality give that instant extra oomph and it also opens up the kitchen space, making it look roomier.


Focus on details–like exceptional hardware 

Sometimes the biggest wow factor comes in the smallest details. In your kitchen’s case, it could be cabinetry hardware. While these aren’t the first elements you see when you look at the big picture, they are little surprises that keep the overall face of the kitchen more exciting. Match the hardware with the theme of your kitchen–if the theme is modern, go for clean, geometrical hardware. If your kitchen is a classic, you can experiment with detailed hardware. 


How do you think you can give your kitchen the special wow factor?