How to Place Cabinet Knobs, Handles and Pulls

How to place cabinet knobs, handles, and pulls

Revamping your kitchen today with a little cabinet hardware update? Here are short and easy steps for you to follow. You don’t want to be an expert builder to ace these things!

Who knows, these skills you’ll learn from this might come in handy for other DIY projects too! 


How to install kitchen cabinet knobs and handles

First thing you need is a tool they often refer to as a template, which can help you with the dimensions as you install the knobs or handles. The template has hole markings that can guide you where the knobs or handles need to be placed. Simply mount it to the cabinet surface and make pencil markings with the dimensions. You can also use a hardware jig for the same purpose, although a template is much cheaper to buy.  

When deciding on the placement, you need to consider functionality. The knobs or handles obviously need to be easy to reach. It may also vary depending on the cabinet door you are installing it to. For instance, wall cabinet doors often require knobs or handles to be placed in just one corner while base cabinet doors or kitchen drawers have the knobs or handles at the center. 

Next, drill a hole on the markings you did. Standard cabinet hardware screws usually require 5/16″ in size for the right drill bit. Make sure to drill from front to back to leave out as much splintering at the front side as possible. Finally, grab the knob or the handle–hold it at the front side of the door while you tighten the screw at the other side using a handy screwdriver.

If it so happens that you ended up drilling a hole at the wrong position, don’t panic. You can also use a wood filler. Fill up the hole and sand lightly once it dries up. Repaint as needed and in no time, it will look like no damage has been done!   


How to install kitchen cabinet pulls 

Using a tape measure, locate the drawer’s horizontal and vertical points. Mark the position you’ve identified. Measure it so that the distance between the mounting holes may be divided by two, then mark the distance on both left and right sides. Next, drill two holes through the front of the drawer (same reason as the knobs and handles–less splinters at the front side of the cabinet door). After holes are made, push the bolts of the pulls through the backside of the drawer, while holding the mount against the bolts. Screw the bolts until they are snug. 

What kind of kitchen cabinet knobs, handles and pulls are you installing? Do you follow a certain theme for your kitchen makeover?