How to Mix and Match Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

How to Mix and Match Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to designing or remodeling a kitchen, there’s no such thing as small tasks. From choosing the style you want, selecting the kitchen cabinet hardware, down to the small details such as matching the kitchen handles and knobs, there is a surprising number of decisions to be made.

It can get a bit overwhelming when there are so many designs to choose from but you don’t have to settle for a single style to achieve your vision. Kitchen designing may not be as simple as cooking with a recipe but mixing and matching your kitchen cabinet hardware can add variety and character to the aesthetic that you are aiming for.

This short guide will give you some tips on how to mix and match your kitchen cabinet hardware!

1. Choose a single finish

In mixing and matching different kitchen cabinet hardware, selecting a single finish for your entire kitchen will help everything look consistent and uniform. You can mix different shapes and sizes of handles and knobs but try to stick with the same color or metal. This will give a more coordinated look even if they are different.

2. Consider style and function

As much as possible, avoid using just one handle or knob for every cabinet door and drawer. For example, consider using knobs for all the doors and handles for all the drawers. You can also use latches for upper cabinets and pulls for lower cabinets. Balance the amount of knob and handle for each type that you use, just don’t end up with only one type.

3. Stay within the “theme”

If you want a vintage-style kitchen, make sure that every style coordinates with one another, even if they are different. Mixing and matching kitchen cabinet hardware adds visual interest to your kitchen but you wouldn’t want to mix a very modern cabinet handle with a rustic one.

Choose from the right handles based on your style and personality. You want to make sure to choose good quality and are well designed. There is a wide variety of kitchen handles, and knobs, you can choose from. From vintage-style, porcelain, brass, and premium handles – you can have whatever style of kitchen you’re dreaming of.

What style do you want to achieve for your kitchen?