Ways to Create A Vintage Style Kitchen

Ways to Create A Vintage Style Kitchen
Modern, minimalist, sleek kitchen styles are all the rage for many who do renovations for their kitchen but how about going the opposite route for a change? How about going the old, tried and tested route? Take a step back in time and make your kitchen your pathway towards the good old memories of yesteryears.
We’ve got some easy, on-the-budget tips to recreate a vintage vibe for your kitchen.
Use reclaimed materials for design accents 
Do you have access to materials from old buildings? You can use those intricate pieces of wood and metal that are literally from the old world and incorporate them into your new kitchen. For instance, attaching wooden accents you often see on the exterior of mid century buildings right into your new island counter can instantly add a vintage feel to it. This is upcycling at best!
Go for open shelves to display antiques
Do you have an antique collection of crockery handed down to you? Keep the memories of your predecessors alive by having a part of them on full display in the modern times. Maybe in this case, your grandparents had an extensive collection of tableware they gifted to you on your wedding day. Don’t let those treasures go to waste; have them on display in an open shelf in the kitchen. Vintage kitchens are all about maximizing things and having those details on display will easily mimic kitchens of the oldened times.
Pops of color and personality 
Old school kitchens are special in that they have a free spirited charm. There are no rules when it comes to the details you want to welcome to the overall aesthetic. Adorn shelves with interesting items like limited edition collectibles and paint counters, walls, cabinets and even the floor with quirky colors and patterns.
Perfect hardware for instant vintage cabinets  
Cabinets are so dominant in the kitchen that when you achieve the theme you want for it, you can also succeed in having the right vibe for the rest of your kitchen. Now, if you’re aiming for a vintage style kitchen, there are two things you want to do with the cabinets. First, repaint your cabinets in a nice antique stain color. Second, pick the right hardware. Sleek, matt black hardware doesn’t make sense here. Instead, pick handles with brass, copper, or gold materials or even bejeweled accents!
What made you decide to go for a vintage theme for your new kitchen?