Tips to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Tips to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Is there such a thing as the perfect kitchen? We think that perfection is relative–but if you follow these tips, you may be able to achieve a kitchen that’s perfect by your standards. Get excited to overhaul your kitchen into a space that’s perfect for your cooking lifestyle and style preferences! 

Design a golden triangle layout 

The perfect work triangle layout allows you to be more efficient. This layout consists of cooking, cleaning, and storage areas all sitting in three points that form a work triangle. With this kind of setup, you can be able to compartmentalize your activities, instead of having all work done in just one cramped area. 

Choose the right kitchen tap 

Your kitchen sink area should be a place you can genuinely be happy and excited about. Think about the amount of work you often do there–all the dishes to be cleaned or all the prepping you need to whip up a meal. It’s one of the most overused spaces in your kitchen so it should be thoughtfully planned out and designed. There are so many variations of kitchen tapware, and you can choose from forms like gooseneck or modern square, and finishes like matt black, brushed brass, or chrome and white combinations. You can even opt for one with a pull-down spout! 

Have attractive but practical lighting  

It’s a basic understanding that kitchen lighting needs to be bright and bold for functionality, but you can make the perfect lighting by making sure that the lighting can be switched up into subtle highlights when you want to create ambiance. You can install two types of lighting to achieve this–shadow-free bright lighting for cooking and prep, and ambient lighting for when you need the space for unwinding and entertaining. 

Upgrade your hardware 

Hardware is considered the accessory of cabinets and drawers. You know you are one step closer to achieving a fully functional and stylish kitchen by simply upgrading the hardware you currently have for your drawers and cabinets. It doesn’t require some drastic changes for this upgrade, and yet the end result is still so noticeable. When you’re down to choosing the right hardware, pick options that are durable enough to last for years and are timelessly stylish, creating that balance of perfection! 

What other elements would you consider essential to make the perfect kitchen?